Vain Worship or True Worship?

There is no such thing as “Worshiping God on Sundays!” 

Let me explain…

Either you are worshiping Him during the week AND weekends or you are not worshipping God at all…

True Worship that results in worshipping God on Sundays comes from a life that lives for Him on Mondays.

Worshiping God when everything goes wrong only follows worshipping Him when everything is right.

You see Jesus talked about Vain Worship in Matthew 15:8-9 “This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.”

Jesus is not concerned if you sing your heart out on Sundays but then your heart doesn’t even seek Him on Mondays.     Jesus said, ” It doesn’t matter if you have all the notes on key if you are singing for you instead of me.” 

Worshiping God is not just about raising your hands up on Sundays but it’s about making the right choices on mondays.

you see, worshiping God is lifestyle not a live in the moment type of deal. worshipping God isn’t all about how you feel but rather a thankful heart type of deal. 

if you are worshiping God just because the music puts you “in the mood” than you don’t have a clue about how good He truly is. 

I’m no trying to be rude but I’m just trying to prove a point…

Worshiping God is praising Him for who He is and what he has done for you and me it’s not some religious show.

we gotta start adoring God during the week as He speaks to us though His Word and be in awe of Him as we kneel at His throne before we can ever lift a hand up on a Sunday.

Jesus tells us what true worship is in     John 4:24 “God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.”   

Worshiping God “in spirit” is not worshipping Him in some Pentecostal way but it is worshiping God when your heart is right with Him and praising Him for who He truly is! When you worship God “in spirit”, it doesn’t matter if you clap your hands or bow your head or even close your eyes with tears coming down.

the only thing that matters is that you are worshipping Him in truth.

just be honest!

that’s all that God wants when you worship Him. 

He wants your heart when you worship Him! 

He wants the only reason that you close your eyes and raise your hands is to be because you love Him. 

maybe you don’t raise your hands- that’s okay as long as God has your heart.

But if he doesn’t have your heart and you are just not raising your hands to praise Him because you’re ashamed or embarrassed- that doesn’t roll with God…

Let me be honest, I used to be embarrassed to raise my hand or clap because of what others thought but if you are truly worshiping God it doesn’t matter what others think because you are praising HIM not them!

So, my challenge is worship God each and every day so you can honestly praise Him on a Sunday 🙂 

It goes much more deeper than that.

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know absolutely nothing about…

be kind

always!”  -anonymous

The following is a poem that I have written…

the Lord gave it to me over the past few weeks, because there are hurting people everywhere and sometimes we just don’t see that. We are too busy with our own lives, our own hurt, and our own world.

life is SO much more deeper than this temporary world if only we had eyes that saw that…

pain goes so much more deeper than what we can see with our physical eyes; but if we just ask God to open our spiritual eyes, we could see the hurt; we could see the pain; 

it’s all around us.

my purpose in this blog, is to challenge us to let God live through us by asking Him to help you see people the way He sees people.

because He doesn’t people, He sees souls…

Glorify God by living for more than just you and live for Him…

“To Glorify God”

To Glorify God is to sacrifically give of your time to a wounded soul in need reminding them of the restoring power of the Potter- who will take their brokenness and make a vessel of honor because of the blood of Jesus;

To Glorify God is to help a lonely widow- who no longer has the strength to fix a broken door or a leaky foset at her home. It’s true- yes, she doesn’t have the ability, but it goes much more deeper than the physical incapability. For that leaky foset reminds her of the man who is in heaven now- who used to hold her tight and hold her hand and even fix that leaky foset. A small act of kindness goes a long way to her; for you are filling in the shoes of a man she hopes and prays she will see in heaven soon.

To Glorify God is to see that the homeless man on the street’s greatest need is not a warm meal inside of his stomach (although only him and the Lord knows how many meals he has skipped.) but the greatest thing you could share with him is that there is One who died on an old rugged cross for him who wants to fill the emptiness in his life & take him to heaven & give him new life in this temporary world if he but only trust and believe.

To Glorify God is to be kind and patient with the waitress who brought you your meal to the table. But if you care to look a little deeper, she is bringing much more than your meal. Although she tried to leave her worries home, she is deeply concerned about if this week’s paycheck will be enough to pay for her past due rent. She’s doing her best to provide for her four kids, but sometimes all she can do is worry, hope, and pray. 

She is not just your waitress, but she is a God-given opportunity for her to see Christ inside of you & be reminded of His love & care.

To glorify God doesn’t come naturally but rather it all starts in the beginning of the day when you choose whether or not you will spend time in His presence. 

Jesus had compassion when He saw the multitude, and the only way we will see people through the eyes of Christ is by spending time with our Savior so that He can conform an old sinner like you and me into the image of His Son.

Religion or Relationship?

Jesus didn’t die for us to be religious…

He didn’t die for us just to put on a facade every Sunday and whenever the preacher is around but then on Monday live a different sinful life style…

 oh, yeah- you better believe that i’m going there! 

Religion is a real problem in our day just as much or even more than it was in Jesus’ day.

You don’t believe me?

Then just keep reading…

we put on a smile around “churchy” people but then treat your parents or close friends like trash.

or maybe you’re not “that bad”…

Well maybe, you use your phone to put a religious post on FB or INSTAGRAM but then you use that same phone to like a post or a picture you know you shouldn’t be looking at. 

or maybe, you raise your hand to Praise the Lord on Sunday but then during the week never even lift a finger to hear God speak to you in His Word…

or maybe, 

you talk really spiritual around those people really lit up for God but then you never use your mouth to tell your friend or your family that isn’t saved about God…

or maybe you listen to the preaching on Sundays like a good little boy or a good little girl but then listen to some real ungodly music during the week that you know isn’t worshiping God but it is just feeding your flesh.

Do you still think religion isn’t a problem?

maybe I mentioned some things that God used to convict you or maybe I didn’t but that’s not the point. 

you know where you are just letting religion take over your life instead of a real genuine relationship with Jesus…

God didn’t save us to try and to live a good life to please Him in our strength.

  • “But we are all as an unclean thing, and ALL our righteousness are as a filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; a s our iniquities, like a wind, have taken us away.” Is 64:6

Actually, He said when we try to be righteous or good or religious or please Him in our own strength, it’s filthy.

So, when we try to live for God without spending time with Him and dying to our self that’s trash to God or act all spiritual in front of others- yeah, that’s garbage to God and it should be for you too!!!

Jesus died on the cross to save our souls-yes, but it is SO much more deeper than that!!!

Jesus died to give us new life!

Jesus died to give us victory over sin, the devil, our flesh, this world, and



In and of our self we cannot please God, but if we have Jesus inside of us and are washed daily by His blood through repentance and asking for forgiveness- that pleases God!

if we actually set down our phone for it at least 5 minutes a day to pick up our bible and hear God speak- that pleases God;

if we ask God to help us treat people and our parents like He actually died for them too just as much as He did you- that pleases God;

if we unfollow and unfriend those people who are only feeding our flesh on FB and INSTAGRAM- that pleases God;

if we praise God during the week just as much as we do on Sundays- that pleases God;

if we actually listen to the Holy Spirit’s conviction instead of ignoring Him when He says, “don’t do that!” or “you shouldn’t be listening to that!” – that pleases God!

Being a Christian isn’t about pleasing other people or your parents or even the preachers or other Christians.


are you tired of religion in your life? I sure am…

I know one of the reasons why I’m so tired of religion is because I was religious 10 yrs of life till recently 4 yrs ago when my relationship with Jesus started 🙂

1 Peter 2:24 “Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by whose stripes ye were healed.”

Crucify religion through the blood of Jesus Christ!

who are you?

Who am I? and why am I starting a blog when millions of other ppl have blogs that are worth reading? 

Simple, I’ve got a story to tell and their ain’t none like it…

So, who is me? (you must excuse my improper grammar)…

I’m a Belen Bermudez whose 21 years of age.

I’m working towards my nursing degree in order to travel around the world (or wherever God wants me) as a Missionary nurse. I grew up in church my whole life but just 4 yrs ago got saved (tell that story soon!).

I want to bind up the wounds of the hurt and tell them about my God who can heal their broken heart.

So, that’s one of my goals and a bit about myself but what about why I’m starting a blog?

My goal with my blog is not to be a famous blogger or out “blog” someone else (if that is even a thing-lol… if it is thing that’s purty stupid☺), but my purpose in blogging is to glorify God.

that’s my purpose… 

My life purpose & my blog purpose!

I’ll be sharing my daily devotion, poems (when I go through a difficulty or trial a poem or you could say the lesson I learn through the trial results in a poem!), my salvation testimony, encouraging words, challenges, and what I’m learning in my walk with God. 

So, there goes my 1st blog post, but definitely not the last ☺ 

Come back to read a little bit more about an adventure on a road called… Belen and her relationship with Jesus.